Saturday, June 7, 2008

Catch the Light

Catch the Light 5/19

A sky isn't so beautiful without the clouds,
A silver sun, poking through
Shines its rays of joy on down,
Looking, I catch the light

God has His eye on us,
His eye on me and you...
The rays of light says He knows our hearts
Shining hearts, still full of life

Looking up at the sky,
I catch the rays of light--
The rays that tell me He still loves me, and that

I was meant to be

Looking into the clouds in the sky
I see your beautiful face...
Shining with the light of love,
Tossing rays back down at me

The feel of your love is like the sky itself,
Dazzles luminious, glowing and bright!
I can't help but close my eyes
As I smile and catch the light

Love, you are my light.

1 comment:

  1. Keep writing please. This is one blog I truly enjoy reading. It's not as shallow as others. It's true, emotional and intelligent.


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