Saturday, August 2, 2008



Trickle, trickle… Time, it trickles
Like fiery feathers melting to the earth
Fierce and red, the feathers they float
Trickle through time, like song to a note

Time and space, unfolded again,
Unfolded back on top of another
Overlapping and blacking and closing this place,
Time it trickles right into this space…

Space of life, space of heart
Space of words and worlds apart
Space alone, and in fierce feather beds…
Space of things gone, thoughts left unsaid

Unsaid words, undone undeeds…
Untied shoes and unpulled weeds
Unwished birthdays and unanswered prayers…
Uncut ties and unplucked hairs

Hair it’s draping, making, saving…
Messy rat’s nest has undone its maybes
Soft and strong and cold like snow
Snow melting off, when the sun, she does show…

The sun shows again, and the water, it trickles…
Dripping, lapping, giddy, laughing
Water, first cold, and it warms in the sun
Water flows passing, yet it’s always undone

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