Saturday, September 13, 2008

Venom and Hate Mail to Houston After Ike

So, I'm sitting here, wondering about whether or not my house still exists.

(Well, I'm guessing it exists, but does it have a roof?)

I live in Houston and evacuated to another city with my children before Hurricane Ike came through. I went into a local posting forum to see if anyone has said anything about the area... I've checked on friends and family... Now I am more than a little curious about what has happened to my home.

But this post is not about my home. And it's not about Hurricane Ike.

There were some really kind sentiments. Many people said they were praying for Houston and Galveston. Others gave suggestions, and some said "Don't stick around! I've been through it, it's not fun." What really gets me is the hate.

Yes, the hate.

This post is about the hate that has come into Houston from people around the country. I don't try to pretend that everyone uses the best judgment. And I know that not everyone represents any city, Houston or otherwise. But on top of that, many people in other states may not realize the challenges that evacuation creates. Whether or not to evacuate, and when, is a big decision. Yes, it's often the safer route, but if the whole of the 4th largest city in the country evacuates, I would wonder how many deaths we would have trying to get every single person out. It's simply not possible. Evacuation is not a simple solution, and it's not the only solution, as many of the people who posted, imply. Take a read.

quit crying about Ike, you chose to live in this shit hole
You idiots made a choice to live near the gulf and get your ass kicked year after year by storms! Quit crying and acting like victims! If you don't want to weather the storm, rebuild your houses then suck it up and move to gods country... Chicago, IL LOL

No. #1 That Pisses Me Off About Hurricanes
It's those brain-dead cretin assholes who COULD but REFUSE to evacuate and ride out the storm. BUT as soon as they get in trouble, they whine and cry for rescue. Well, FUCK YOU DIPSHITS!! You wanted to stay, you can live in your own squalor the best you can for being STUPID! Any govermment agent who attempts to rescue you from your own stupidity should be fired, forthwith.

I am wandering how it is out there... all I have is CNN... and they never speak of North Houston... phuckers!!! Any info especially flooding would be appreciated... I have a house in Conroe and I would like to know about the flooding!!!!
Nope your house is gone! It blew right over my place as my roof was coming off! I got some great pictures of your place sailing by if you need them! Now I have to hurry and turn on my TV so I can see the bodies of the idiots that stayed floating down the street! Where did I put that popcorn?

You dipshits where told to leave! FEMA should let you all die and get rid of a few doorknobs. 250,000 less doorknobs sounds nice.all we ned now is the rest of TX to die then the world would be perfect.

People are nice. By the way, there were more. Some were so bad that I could not possibly put them here. There was one with a picture (actually two pictures) of a woman defecating, and the message was that the woman was on her way to Texas to bring people who survived the hurricane some food. (Well, at least it was creative...)

Why must people be cruel? Why must people spew hate and venom? What is the point of this? Ok, so you don't care for Texas, you think those who did not evacuate used poor judgment... Why go into that city's posting forum and take the time and energy to post hate?

Usually I like to give my perspective on things I see in life. I can't offer one this time. I just can't see it.


  1. Dear Lorin,

    I'm terribly sorry some people choose to post nasty things about people they don't even know personally.

    Really, their verbal garbage doesn't deserve the dignity of discussion.

    My thoughts are with you and your sons. I hope that you are all safe and that you have a home to come back to after Ike recedes.

    Yours truly,

    Jeff Deutsch

  2. Thanks, Jeff, we are safe and sound. You are right, it's interesting to hear the comments of those who don't even know those of us in Houston. Personally, it makes me sad for them, because I wonder who has wounded their hearts so terribly. Thanks for your kind comment, Jeff. Best wishes to you both. -Lorin Neikirk

  3. The general public become absolutely horrid on the internet. Give someone a keyboard and they'll show a completely different side. Most of these people would never, ever even consider saying such things to a person's face.

    I hope everything is going well. :)

  4. It is like, what is supressed, is made permissable within the realm of anonymity. Hateful people eventually find their outlets and it's never pretty to witness.

    Me and my parents decided to stay since we live in Alief, far enough from the coast to suspend disbelief and believe that we were safe. The most damage we had were blown shingles and as a result, leaks during the rain. We were lucky.

    I hope there is no damage to your home by Ike.


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