Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Results show: The List of Wants

So, I was on my way back from Dallas a while back, and I was dictating some thoughts into my trusty voice recorder. (I LOVE that thing!) I have been meaning to follow up on my blog about making a list of 101 things, but I still haven’t yet… I’ve been busy!

I got some really, (REALLY!) great feedback on that particular blog, for which I am so grateful, and every time I think about it, I kick myself for not doing a follow up.

Yesterday was 6 months since I wrote my list of 101 wants.

Woo hoo!

Oops! Hang on a sec, I need to grab the list. I’ll be right back…

Ok, I’m back. Um….. One more thing to do.

OK. Done.

Did you happen to make a list of 101 things you wanted? If you haven’t read the TUMBLERS SHIFTING blog, it’s not necessary to read it before reading this one, but it might be helpful…

I wrote my list on 11/4/08, I am I pleased to say that I am pretty impressed that a number have come true!

If you didn’t read the previous blog (or don’t remember), the point was to make a list of 101 things I (you) want, regardless of how impossible they may seem, and without regard to cost or practicability. As long as you WANT it.

And it has to be 101. Not ten. Not 20, not 32 or 50 or 65 or 99. One hundred and one.

Got me?

I have things on my list like…

I want FEMA to send me a big fat check. (#30)

I want a koi pond (#44)

I want the judge to dismiss all three of these tickets. (#1)

(…I wrote the list while I was waiting my turn in traffic court. OH, and that one came true, by the way!)

I have other things on the list that I could never know if they come true or not… Things like “I want [a certain person] realizes how [what they did] impacted my life,” and “I want [a particular group of people] to wish they could take back that they told me [xyz].”

There are things that could still come true, but they would be future events, like the type of person I want my sons to marry, or things I want to happen on specific dates in the future. Those things could still happen…

Some things came true partially, or are in the process of happening. One thing I said say “I want [a relative] to be more healthy”. Well, that’s in process, even if we aren’t quite there yet…

All in all, I am pleased at the number of things which came true.

So, how many do you think? I will give you a hint… I’ve already said the number above… Which do you think it is?

How many did you guess? 99? That is a big number! Although that is not the number that came true, sad to say. That would be great though!

Did you say 20? Twenty of my wildest dreams to come true is a great thing!! But alas, no. But that is great news, because now you know the number is greater than 20.

Fifty is half. HALF! Can you believe HALF of the list coming true in only SIX MONTHS??? Incredible!!! Oh… Um… No… Although half would be amazing.

So that leaves 32 and 65. A number of my wildest dreams came true, either 32 or 65. Well, we have to be realistic, of course. After all, they are big dreams, crazy, pie in the sky wants that I would love to happen sometime in my lifetime! And in six months? Let’s be real here. (And you are tired of this guessing BS, aren’t you?)

Okay, okay, I’ll just tell you. It was sixty five.

No, really!

Sixty five of my wants, out of 101, came true, or are coming true, or came partially true, in one way or another. Sixty five.

So, just out of curiosity, did you make that list?

Now, I’ll tell you… I started out blogging about one thing and this ended up being the (different) blog that I’ve been meaning to write for some time, instead of the blog I was going to write today.

So this is what I’m going to do…

If I’ve convinced you that writing a list of 101 wants is worth the time, then we are on the same page. If not, then you need to pull your head out of your…

Ask yourself if you have any wasted time. Now, I am going to do the other blog, the one I was going to do originally. But you have a minute or to (or more) until that one is posted. SO…

OH… Now, I am keenly aware that sometimes people don’t want their wants known to the world. So, if writing down your wants while hanging with your girlfriends in the dorm means that your best friend Mallory is going to find out that you want her to find a new roommate, then use a key! Mallory becomes “Mr. Ray” and roommate becomes “Teacher’s Assistant”. Just remember to put a dot near the line to remind yourself that the words represent something else.

But short on time you say???

• During commercials while you watch American Idol
• While waiting for a table at lunch or dinner
• While eating alone during lunch
• While waiting in line at the grocery store
• Waiting in line at the toll booth
• While on hold on the phone with the cable company
• While waiting for the pot to boil…

(You get the idea.)

While you do that, I’ll work on the next blog. It is related, so making the list now might save you a little time later!

(See how this works!? ;)

Check back soon!

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